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Excellent product, better than rosin or chalk, easy to clean. No matter what you're doing, if you need a great non slip grip, try MIGHTY GRIP its name says it all.




Sporting Goods from Mighty Grip

Mighty Grip Inc. is an American Sporting Goods Wholesale Distributor, Manufacturer, and Online Sporting Goods Store, specializing in unique high quality sports equipment.

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Featured Products

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is the hottest new fitness trend worldwide, Mighty Grip Inc are proud sponsors of the "European Pole Dancing Championships". Mighty Grip Powder is used by many of the competitors to enhance their grip on the dance pole.

Pole Dancing Products
Pole Dancing Gloves
Ankle Protectors
Pole Dancing poles and grip powder


Grip Powder

Mighty Grip Powder is perfect for Baseball, Golf, Pole Dancing, or anything you need a better grip on. A patented thermoplastic powder, that provides improved grip for sports or work.  Lasts for hours, but washes off easily with soap.

Mighty Grip Powder Info


Sports Braces / Supporters

  • Back Braces
  • Shoulder Braces
  • Knee Brace
  • Ankle Supports
  • Calf & Hamstring Support
  • Wrist Supports
  • Hot / Cold Gel Packs

Breathable neoprene supports and braces for joints, injury, arthritis, or carpel tunnel syndrome.

Braces & Supports

Sports Braces and supports: Knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, calf


Whole Body Vibration Machines

  • Energizing, relieves fatigue
  • Body shaper
  • Helps relieve insomnia
  • Increases blood flow
  • Activates joints
  • Soothes arthritis pain

Whole Body Vibration Selection

Whole Body Vibration Machines



  • Leather Golf Gloves
  • Batting Gloves: Leather / 4 way Stretch Fabric
  • Protek Inner Gloves: For Baseball & Softball
  • Racquetball Gloves
  • Drumming Gloves

All Gloves

Batting Gloves, golf gloves, raquette ball and inner gloves


Tennis Racquet Strings

Tennis Strings, whether you're a ranked armature, seasoned pro, or just play tennis for fun, we have the right racquet strings for your game.

  • Babolat
  • Signum Pro
  • Top Spin
  • Pacific
Tennis Strings, by Babolat, Pacific, Signum Pro & Top Spin


Wholesale Sporting Goods

American Wholesale Sporting Goods Distributors of:

  • Braces / Supports
  • Grip Powder
  • Gloves for: Batting, Racquetball, Drumming, Golf

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Poland Pole Dance Art

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